Monday, January 10, 2011

Good Bye Uncle Dave

Big Bear hug from Uncle Dave
Dave, Sada, and Kipling
Dave, Mackenzie and Kipling
trying on Dave's jacket.
We had a big family farewell party for Dave, however, we decided to go over right before he left to say goodbye. The kids drew a picture for him and wanted to give it to him before he left for Afghanistan. Dave is really excited to go, and we are scared for him to go. He is in the special forces and so he goes into an operation before anyone to make sure the place is safe. The way he sees it is he is ready to use all of the training he has. I can see his point but we would rather him be here. And so would his new bride. We Love you Uncle Dave. Have FUN and Be SAFE!! See you next July.

Spencer Harold

Go Wolf pack

Spencer is such a good baby. He is always very happy and loves to eat. These two videos capture both of those. The first video is Spencer's first time eating cereal, did not seem to like it so much, I think it was a little thick, he likes it runny so he can drink it off the spoon. The second video is of him talking. He is just so cute. I love this little guy.

Poor Kipling

Kipling had Pneumonia for the forth time since he's been born. Poor kid this time was really bad. his oxygen level was really low he looked like he was a ghost. I took him to the doctor and they put him on nasty medicine as well as this wonderful Nebulizer. Kipling hated to do his breathing treatments he fought me every time. So, I had to take a picture of him taking one of his breathing treatments, calmly with Daddy.

mini 4 wheeler

Brady and Kip
riding around the neighborhood
Our neighbor Brady went and bought a mini four wheeler and when he came home he took Kip out for a ride. I do not know who had more fun Kip or Brady.

Clayton Library

Spencer loves story time too
Ready, Set,
Sada making her Acorn woman
Kip making his acorn man

We try to make it to Story time and craft time at the Library once a week. The kids LOVE going there and the Librarians just love the kids. Chad has asked me to take more pictures of the kids doing activities especially at the Library since he is not able to be there.
For you honey.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kipling's 1st Primary Activity-Serving with a Smile

Kipling is packing
taking a meal to someone-with help
He got 1st place
Can't tell if she is enjoying herself or not
Spencer enjoying some attention from Rachel
Run Kipling Run
Happy Spencer
Some of the Clayton Ward Primary
Sada eating a cupcake
What a MESS

Kipling really enjoyed his first Primary Activity. One of the older boys Jonathan DaCamera took Kipling under his wing and helped him through every station. Every station they raced against a different team. The first was to pack up a family for a move, the second was to race and take food over to someones house in need, the third was a relay race-not sure the motive, and the fourth they wrote letters or drew a picture for the missionaries. Then they ended with a message and cupcakes. Kipling had a lot of fun.

Waiting for Kip

Spencer swinging
Sada on the big girl swing
Sada going down the slide
Spencer's waiting for her
There she is

There is a park right across from Kipling's school. One day we had finished some errands early and headed over to the school and since it was nice we headed over to the park. The Sada and Spencer enjoyed some play time.